Tips And Tricks To Click The Best Floral Arrangement Photographs

Do you own a floral business? Or maybe you are an event planner who does florals by yourself too? Either way it is a great idea to be able to take images of your own work, by yourself and be able to do it right so that you can build a great looking portfolio and reference album for you clients without having to pay extra for photographers. If you can get some great quality photography gear, here are some tips and tricks to draw emphasis to your most beautiful floral creations.

Take your time to set up

If you are setting up a site to order flowers online Singapore, you really need to have some great imagery on your side if you are to create a lasting first impression. In addition to this, the pieces that you showcase need to be really artsy or unique for you to stand out. One way to accomplish this is to take all the time that you need to put some thought into setting up the frame for your shot. Make sure that there is no clutter or chaotic colours in the background that will make the image look all lackluster. Buy some good table linen and table tops along with collected items from nature like tiny yet pretty stones and moss that can really help enhance and add to the floral arrangement.

Capture the behind the scenes too

Even though you will be marketing yourself as an online florist  who is all about great work, it never hurts for you to connect with you audiences and add that human touch that will really get the PR flowing. For this all you need to do is focus on the natural settings that are next to you every single day and not solely the work that you create. For example putting up a couple of images of your greenhouse in the morning sunlight, wild foliage while you jog in the morning or some backyard images in full bloom will really help you connect with your audience.

Make sure the focus is correct

When you are taking images of your floral arrangements make sure that you focus on the right component. For example, if you do plan on focusing on the arrangement and blurring out everything else that is in the frame, be very conscious about where you place your focus. A good general rule to follow is to focus on the part of the arrangement that is the most vivacious or unusual or even the one spot that you get drawn to naturally.