3 Most Important Steps To Consider When Writing A Biography

If you intend to write the life story of a person’s life this is called a biography. It can be a fun and exciting challenge where you share the story of a person with a wider audience of readers. This can be done as a personal project or professionally as a writer. It is important to do thorough research, interviews and revisions before you can hand out your final copy. Given below are some steps you can take first to get started. 

 Getting permission from the subject 

 The first step you must without a doubt take is to get the permission of the person you will be writing the life story about. Ask them if they are willing to be the subject of the story and this will certainly make your task much easier in terms of acquiring insights and information. Writing a biography is not supposed to be secretive so there is no need to hire a private detective Singapore when you can directly ask the subject for your requirement at their discretion. Besides, this will make the entire process that much more fun. Most people are willing to share their stories over a cup of coffee and in a relaxed environment so you will both feel at ease with each other’s company.

 Check for primary sources of information

 Primary sources of information with regard to the subject of your biography would include newspaper articles, letters, pictures, video clippings, internet, interviews or an autobiography of the subject. When you meet the subject you could ask for potential information sources as well. You will also be able to get sources from the local library or communities without having to hire the top private investigator in town. Make sure you read as many articles about the subject and highlight the important and interesting facts that you come across for reference later. 

 Conducting interviews 

 The most effective form of getting information is through interviews, not only will you get close and intimate details of the story but you would also be able to capture the emotions and expressions of the interviewee. The subject and the people close to the subject will provide the most interesting information, so check with spouses, family members, friends, business partners and so on. Interviews can be conducted personally in person or through phone or email. Make sure to visit locations of significance whenever you can as this will give you, as the writer some feel for the subject’s history and story. This can be their childhood home or any regular hangout spots with their colleagues.

Two Types Of Picture Taking Stalls To Take Pictures At

By now, there is no person who has not heard of the picture taking stall which we get to see in most of the events these days. Though it has been there for some time, right now it is very much used by a number of event organizers to add more fun for their guests. Also, by now these pictures taking stalls have also gone through their own transformation process which has made them quite an attractive addition to have at any event.

However, you should know that by now due to the advances in the photography industry we have two types of picture taking stalls which we can use at events.

The Traditional Picture Taking Stall

The traditional picture taking stall is the one you will see at most of the events. It is the picture taking stall which offers you the chance to get pictures alone or with a group of friends posing as you want to. These days the picture taking stalls are also digitally operated ones. So, you will have the chance of using a touch screen to give the instructions about the way you want the pictures to be taken.

The Picture Taking Stall with the Green Screen

Then, we have the other kind of picture taking stall which is a Singapore photo booth that comes with a green screen. While the traditional one is going to take pictures of you with the background which actually exists at the place, this green screen picture taking stall is going to put any background you want to have in the background and take your picture. This means though you are really in a building somewhere in the city you could taking a picture in front of the Eiffel tower. This can be a really fun experience to have for anyone taking pictures in such a picture taking stall.

There is no rule which says you should choose this picture taking stall or the other. You just have to consider what will please your guests the most and what you can afford to spend for the picture taking stall. However, you need to remember you will only get complete satisfaction out of the pictures you take at the picture taking stall if it is provided to you by a good picture taking firm. They usually make sure they have the best picture taking stalls for the people who come looking for them. Also, their help throughout the process will make everyone happy. You will be able to get exactly what you want from them.

Tips To Build Up Team Harmony And Strength

If you visit a modern organization or company and look for the reasons of their success, you will understand that most of its success in the modern era revolves mainly around a team effort. It is teams of people or employees that get together and work in order to make sure that they are coming up with the best possible solutions in their work. Even the most successful or important businesses in the world right now cannot operate or work alone and depend on teams of people to get everything done right. This might seem like a pretty easy process to occur but it is something that is mostly hard to do especially because not all teams manage to work together. At times like this companies need to come up with ways to make teams bond with each other so that they are able to work with each other in a better manner.

 You might be someone looking for ways to help teams come together perfectly, if so here are some tips to help you out!

 Find the most suitable team activity

If you stop to ask or get advice about building teams from experts, they would tell you to arrange team building activities because they are a way of making sure a team puts their heads together and works in a better and more productive manner for better results! This is why you must look for the best team activity and in most cases cooking activities or competitions can help teams greatly! They are helpful in utilizing skills and they allow the teams to have a pleasant bonding time as well.

 Hire the right service for the activities

 Once you figure out the best activity to build up your team, the next step is to find the right service that allows you to arrange such activities. As team building cooking activities are a very popular choice among many corporations you can look for a cooking service that holds either competitions, classes or programs for team bonding. Look for experience and quality within a service before hiring as this is a main aspect of making sure that the activities are arranged in the right manner!

 Try to communicate with the team better

 Another important key to help the team out with building harmony is by communicating with them and letting the team communicate with each other. This way you can make sure you understand the team as a higher authority and that the team understands each other as well.

Features Of A Home Schooled Student

Being homeschooled will be a completely different experience from a child who daily travels to a school. Their behaviours will be identified to be much different from each other. Yet, they could both be students of the age, learning the same subjects and containing the same interests in life. However, even though there could be common interests as such, there will always be some distinguishing characteristics between these two personalities. Below are some of the most distinguishable characteristics of a homeschooled student that may not always be evident on the surface.


 Although they may be at the benefit of studying at home without having to travel to school, these students, the ones that are homeschooled tend to hold more value for their education than the rest. The fact that they have been kept away from the rest of the school going population as well as the fact that they are forced to learn alone makes them want to give their optimum towards the academics. This may have been not the first thing to come to your mind, yet this is very much true, if you take a peek into the life of a homeschooled student.


 You cannot run away from responsibility. Yet, we seem most students run away from it, no matter how hard you try. Studies have revealed that students who are homeschooled have less tendency of running away from responsibilities than the ones who are not. Although it may seem to be quite surprising, it is the fact that they have realized the gravity of academics through tuition agency Singapore rather than those who go to school and live freely as they have no way of skipping  class even if they would like to.


 Although these students probably receive the same amount of tuition assignments as a normal school going student does, the independence they hold in these terms are quite high. While a child seems to be spoon fed at school, these students are brought up in different conditions where they are required to think independently and improve their analytical skills. Therefore, this helps their future as well as their families’ in various aspects.


 Due to the less exposure of these students, the curiosity that they hold in various aspects tends to be higher. This could both be positive and negative in their lives. While they may try to experiment risky things, they would also be curious enough to research and self study on the academics.

Therefore, understanding the different lives between these two types of students will help you to justify their behavior.