Best V-Day Gifts For Your Bestie

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Valentine’s day is a commercialized and also highly popular holiday for expressing your love for people who the closest to you. Although in most cases it only shows your significant other as the receiver for gifts during this special day, V-Day can be used by everyone to give gifts to members of family, family and even acquaintances. So when it comes to your best friend who practically knows you inside and out, here are some ideas that you can use to pick a perfect gift.

Picture collage

If your best friend and you have gone through the good and the bad and the rocky situations, then you probably have a lot of pictures lying around. A picture collage is a great way to show your history together so you can always add the hilarious pictures and the weird ones to show the times you were having fun. A collage, if done properly, can actually function as a wall hanging as well. So give your artistic tendencies your attention and take some time to arrange the photos in a meaningful way. You can even pick one single picture and turn it into a painting too.

If a collage seems too much work, then go and buy foot massager. These never get old as a gift to someone.

Wine to-go cup

Yes they have actually invented a to-go cup for wine. You can actually use this as an alcohol to-go cup to give to your best mate to take with him or her during your road trips or vacations. The cup can be bought online so make sure to order ahead of the day so you can give it in time.

Business card holder

Nothing is better than an awesome business card holder that shows personality and also professionalism. If your best friend is on his or her way to making a break through their career, this can go as a congratulatory gift as well. Most of the business card holders you can purchase online are generic and will be basic. You can add a personalized message or a graphic to the custom made card holder so that it will be suited only for your friend.

If all else fails, then grab Biore facial foam Singapore as the last resort. At least it will give a clean face and you can even make it into a prank gift as well.

V-Day is a great way to show people your love for them. So depending on your best friend’s preferences, go with a gift that is both useful and fun.