Factors That Affect Language Development In Children

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There are several factors which affect language development in children in their childhood. These could be environmental factors as well as absence of proper education. If a child has hearing problems, that could also impact the ability of a child to develop language skills. In certain cases, children who face emotional or psychological issues during development might have difficulty in forming words or understanding speech. Hearing impairment can make it difficult for children to form words or to comprehend what is being said. When children face abuse at home, that can also lead to delayed development in their language skills. Social interaction is also necessary for right cognitive development. If children are deprived or neglected in the case of social interactions that can also lead to delayed or improve language development.

Intelligence matters

Many of us take our skills in language development for granted. However, intelligence has a role to play in children acquiring language skills in an early age. In case a child is finding it difficult to speak a language, it might be a sign of mental retardation. Many children suffer from brain injuries or developmental defects like cerebral palsy. These conditions can have an impact on language skills development. Learning a language is good for strengthening cognitive abilities. Hence, many parents of a Chinese origin opt for Singapore Chinese enrichment for kids, especially when the mother tongue is not taught in their school.

Language problems can indicate mental disorders

When a child is unable to pick up languages easily that can be a sign of an underlying disorder. Usually children who suffer from conditions at birth like cerebral palsy or have suffered from brain injuries at birth tend to have language problems. Autism is another condition that can affect normal language development. When children suffer from autism and related disorders, they tend to learn speaking in a delayed stage. Language based programs are important for all children, even for those who have development problems. Language programs like Chinese enrichment for preschoolers encourage children to learn about a language at an early age through innovative learning techniques. Even children with disabilities will be able to comprehend and pick up a language if the right guidance is given to them at an early age.

Many of us look at a range of programs where we could send our children. Language based learning programs would be good for children as it helps to develop certain brain areas and stimulates brain development. Even preschoolers will benefit from language based learning programs.