How To Enter The Fashion And Entertainment Industry

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Many people have dreams of entering the fashion and entertainment industry. However it can be very competitive and difficult to find a break into this field. Therefore you must calculate your chances and evaluate the risk you are willing to take before you take that first step to pursue it. Here are some things you should consider.

Have a back up plan

When you are pursuing a job of this nature, where you cannot ensure your success it would be prudent to have a back up plan. This can be something you can fall back on in the event that your plans don’t work out. There are so many jobs that you can have lined up for this purpose. Perhaps you have some formal education in a different area that you can use to find employment. You can also find jobs in the industry that are indirectly related to it such as a stylist or a stage manager. This way you still get to be close to the kind of work that you love, and are open to any opportunities that might come your way when you least expect it.

Maintain your image

Maintaining your image is very important in this industry. If you want to work for the fashion industry you can hire a beauty PR agency that will help you protect your image. They will portray you in a way that will make you the best option for potential employers to hire.

You will also need to maintain proper social media presence since this is one of the first places your potential employers will look before they make their decision. If its contrary to the image that you are trying to promote, avoid putting up provocative or embarrassing pictures up online because they seemed entertaining at the time. You should maintain some strict rules on what you post on social media because these posts can appear online again even if you take them down later.

Keep trying

Another important point that you have to remember is to keep persevering. You wont find very big jobs at the start so start with small jobs like advertisements. Try and build a relationship with an advertising agency in Singapore where you might be able to find a steady stream of work appearing in their commercials.

You should also keep going for auditions and not be discouraged by the numerous rejections you might get. This is quite normal for the fashion and entertainment industry. Sometimes you hear stories of how perseverance has really paid off in the end.