How To Survive A Long Vacation Abroad

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Every one of us has been there. Your family would decide that everyone has to go on a vacation and whether you want to go or not, you have to accompany them. It isn’t that hard to survive a vacation that lasts for about two weeks or less. However a vacation for a month or more is a nightmare to say the least. Not only would you have to be stuck with family for an extended period of time, you would also have to bear a lot of expenses and headaches.

However you can survive this vacation.

How do you do this? Well look right down below for a few tips.

Do not over pack.

If your vacation is a long one, chances are you might think you have to carry a lot of luggage. However as your mother would say upon seeing the weight of your luggage, this is not true. When you go on a long vacation, you can do laundry and buy any necessities from the place you go to. This means you do not have to take a lot of clothes with you. You can always re-use what you wear or send it to laundry.

Therefore just about four to five sets of clothes would probably be enough. If you pack too much, your luggage would become heavy. So you would have to heave this around wherever you go and that would strain you physically and mentally. The latter is worse than the former. Just imagine your parents yelling at you for bringing along a heavy baggage. It is awful to even imagine it. So do not try to make it a reality.

An advantage of packing light is that you could buy new things when you are abroad without worrying about excess weight. From clothes to pc parts, you can get them all without breaking a sweat at the thought of paying a lot of dollars for each excess kilogram.

Choose to rent a car
Long vacations equates to a lot of money spent in taxis. This would not just be out of your father’s pocket but also yours. A good way of cutting costs and ensuring that you do not spend too much trying to get around, is to rent car.

You might this is expensive but actually it is not. A long term car rental could be very cheap when compared to all the money you would spend on taxis. The thing about going on taxis is that you wouldn’t realize just how much you’ve spent on it until you look at the accounts; most of the time you would have spent a lot of money on taxis.

It is cheaper to just go for a rental. You would have to pay for the car and petrol but this would still be cheaper than travelling on taxis. However do this if you are familiar with the city. In case you are not familiar do not go for a rental until you at least somewhat know the city. If not you are going to have your mom, dad or even worse your sibling scream out directions while you drive, and that just doesn’t end well.

The above would help you survive a long vacation by cutting down costs and reducing the amount of things you can quarrel with your family members about. Ultimately a vacation no matter how long, is supposed to let you enjoy and relax. So no matter what happens, just take a step back and enjoy the moment. As in the future you will find this to be a fond memory.