Ideas To Consider When Throwing A Baby Shower

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Baby showers are fun to organize and fun to execute as there is no stress for planning it. You can always go laid back, a bit crazy and integrate tons of fun things to do on a baby shower. But make sure that you are considering everything that needs to be done for the event to go on smoothly. So set your deadlines months ahead and start planning right after you get the news.
Keep it gender neutral
It can be easy to get lost in the hubbub of planning the event, but keeping the theme gender is essential even when buying a exclusive baby hair brush which can be a minor thing unless the parents themselves want to gender based. Usually the baby shower will be thrown way too early for anyone to know what the gender of the baby is, so either go for all shades in the rainbow, or stick to a color that is not blue or pink.
Keep an innovative guest book
The traditional bound book is the best way to keep track of everyone who comes and want to wish the baby and the parents the best, but innovative methods like the Taimaobi can be integrated into it as well. You can have small cute cutouts hung around on a line for each guest to take and write a note; you will have to take them all together and then assemble a book on your own. Or you can have a premade scrapbook of the event made, and have a separate section completely done with decorations and such for the guests to leave their notes in.
Cute food and drinks
There is no limit to amount of bakers and caterers who have specialized menus for baby shower events; even if they do not have a menu made then they will create one for you. Although it can be a bit more expensive than the regular sets, make an effort to make the food items and drinks cute and fun. Keep the event alcohol free but make them decorative.
Have the gift table separately and with ample space
Have a gift table setup separately near the entrance for the guests to leave their cards and gifts for the new parents there. Then have the parents at the front (unless you are surprising them) so they can take the gifts and leave them on the table.
Always try to keep things simple and fun as too many complicated events and activities will make a mess out of the event. Just have some games, the foods and drinks and plenty of time for the invitees to mingle and enjoy themselves and turn it into a baby shower for both parents.