Picking A Suitable Eyebrow Shape For Men

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Your eyebrows are of the many facial traits which you can control and change to look the way you want it to. The shape you already have probably will give you an indication of the style that will suit you best, but if you take a step ahead to improve the appearance you will notice a difference on how bright and sharp they will look. Many places do provide information on how to groom but most of them are mainly focused from the aspect of female appearance maintenance. Many men of today are interested in improving how they look but are often mislead with information which are more suitable for women. The fact that men’s brows are different to females cannot be emphasised enough. Getting the right shape to suite your face is quite easy in this article we will break down several types of shapes that are mostly suited for men. Remember to obtain a stable look whenever choosing your eyebrow shape.

Types of faces are many but majority can be categorized down to two main types, to determine what type of face shape you have simply hold your hair back tight and study your jaw line forehead and chin. When it comes to men eyebrows the shape of the face you have plays a huge part in how your look should be. Oval faces are very common and if you too have one your chin should be narrow compared to your forehead they normally have balanced proportions and high cheek bones. And then you get round faces which show a full cheek proportion with few angles. Followed by heart shaped faces characterized by narrow jaw lines and high cheek bones. You also see square face shapes which show a proportion in the width and the length of your face.

Men with oval faces are quite likely to look good with flat shaped brows. If you think you have an oval face the best thing you can do is to keep them rather straight. This will also make your face look more full and round, it is also suited for men with small eyes, another thing you can do to enhance eyes is to get eyelash extension in Singapore the hair extension on your upper eyelid will make them stand out and look bigger.

If you have a round face having brows that feature angles will suit you best, men with rounded face shapes can highly benefit from this style, it will make your eyes stand out and bring balance to the roundness of your overall face. Having a heart shaped face means you already have angles and curves to their brows so all they have to do is to work soft curves and smoother lines. And last but not least round shaped brows are best suited for men with square shaped face it will add a sense of delicate vibe but project boldness and confidence.