Taking Pictures For A Living

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Starting a new trade is always something that you need to plan for properly if you don’t do so you will not end up making any money of it. That is to say if you don’t proceed with a plan you will not be ready to face certain problems that may come your way. You must understand though that what you need is not some elaborate intricate plan. Bottom line is that you just need to set some targets and you must reach these targets over a period of time. Going from amateur to professional takes some time and effort. It is not something that will happen overnight.

Now if you want to become a professional wedding photographer Singapore you need to first get the most fundamental tool of the trade, which is a good camera. Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Just a regular DSLR camera from a good brand should do fine. You can wait till you establish yourself and get some recognition before you go off and buy expensive cameras and lenses. Once you have the camera ready you need to get an idea of how people take pictures at these events. For this purpose go and watch the guy taking pictures at your friends or family’s event. If you are really up for it you can crash some events with your camera and imitate the guy on the job to get an idea of how it all works.

Getting experience is important but you need to get a good flow of customers as well. So you need to at least start a small webpage or at the very least a Facebook page to promote yourself. You should post some of the pictures that you have already taken on this. Keep in mind that you won’t be earning a lot of money at the beginning. You need to offer your services at some pretty low rates. Otherwise no one is going to hire a beginner like you. Like I said becoming a pro at this is not something that will happen overnight, it is going to take some time and you need to be able to live through the tough times at the beginning. You can’t hope to have enough money to have a photo studio Singapore just after a couple of months of work.

Over time try and invest some time into reading up more about taking pictures. That is to say learn more about techniques and such. At the beginning you probably wouldn’t understand a lot of these stuff so don’t try to bury yourself in books from the very start. Do this only after some time has passed. In addition to that as you become better at your job you can start asking for higher rates and in turn buy better equipment along the way to aid you in your trade. All in all it’s a tough road but if you hang on you will be able to make a lot of money.