Tips To Maintain A Company’s Professional Image

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Maintaining a good professional image is essential for an organization nowadays. Through your image, you are being judged by many parties including customers, suppliers, investors and even the media. Your image will decide how many contacts you can make in the industry, how well you can network with others etc. So here are a few tips to maintain a good image among your peers.

1. Time managementNo job can be done successfully if you lack time management. An organization looks well organized and controlled when its employees know to work on time. This does not mean having strict working hours where all should come by 9am and leave by 5pm. You can have flexible working hours so that employees could leave when the work is complete, but make sure the job is completed on time.

2. Maintain cleanlinessJust imagine a news reporter or a foreign client walks in to your office. If it hasn’t been cleaned and looks like some dirt pile, how much will it affect your image? You might lose your customer or the reporter might write an embarrassing article about it. You can either hire a cleaner or easily hire professional office cleaning services to do the job for you.

3. Reply to all messagesMany customers would contact you via calls or emails and you might promise a ring back. How often do you actually do it? It is vital that you return all phone calls and emails sent within 48 hours so that you customers will not get disappointed with your service. They will be waiting for a reply and the last thing you need is for them to give you a call back and complain.

4. Use well designed stationery and online messagingYour professionalism will be evident in the most little things such as, how your letter head looks like, how you have folded the letter, how well you have used punctuation etc. These are key factors, though they seem small, which could turn your company image from good to bad. It isn’t rocket science or a service that needs to be outsourced like office cleaning in Singapore. It is simply getting some neatness into your work and doing it in a professional manner.

5. Wear appropriate business attireYour physical appearance matters greatly when you attend meetings and special events. Failure to do so will not only reflect badly on you, but on the entire organization since you will be representing them. So make sure you attend such events according to a proper dress code.