What Gift Should You Give To The One You Love On This Valentine’s Day?

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Valentines is just around the corner. Yes you heard it right, valentines. The day in which if you happen to be seeing someone, you are expected to give a present. Some Valentine ’s Day enthusiasts would say the presents don’t matter. What truly matters is love. However if their partner happens to give them an “I love you” and a hug, the disappointment would be evident on their faces.

This is because presents do matter. They show your partner that you find them worthy of a gift. You value their presence in your life. You know who they are. You have paid attention to what they say. Isn’t that important?

Of course it is. This shows that your relationship is more than just kisses and hugs. It is meaningful and has depth, and most importantly, it has love.

So giving gifts is important. However you cannot just buy convenience store chocolates and give it as a gift or order online flowers. There is no meaning behind the gift. The only thing it signifies is that you remembered it is valentine’s day. Which is not much.

So convenience store chocolates are a no no, what about an expensive watch? Well here is the thing, money does not equate to great gifts. Will your partner like the gift? Probably. However will it mean much? Well that depends. Expensive gifts are good if your partner likes it. However even here it shouldn’t become a habit to give expensive gifts. If you give someone an expensive watch this year, they would expect something more or of the same value next year. If you are in a habit of buying expensive gifts sometimes your partner might think you are trying to buy their love, or of course you are hiding something.

Sometimes a simple but beautiful flower bouquet in Singapore can be a better gift than an expensive gift. of course even here, if you truly want to make your partner feel special, you can choose flowers that signify things you want to say to your partner, or signify the qualities you admire in your partner. This way the flowers are not just flowers but they are messages from you to your partner.

The thing that matters the most when you give your partner a gift is the meaning behind it. What the gift signifies. An expensive watch could be the best gift for someone who works very hard and has gotten a corporate job recently. A bar of chocolate could mean a lot to someone who doesn’t have time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, even a day out with you could brighten up their valentine’s day. A flower delivery to your partner who is out of town could make them feel special.

The best gift you can give is one that carries meaning and makes your partner happy. Something they would like and appreciate. Therefore put thought into your gift and give it to your partner. Your partner is the one you love. The one you care about. The one who stands by you. The one who brightens up your day. So give them a valentine’s day gift that they deserve.