What You Need To Know Before Getting Permanent Makeup

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Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing seems like the perfect solution for someone who has a constant busy lifestyle. But since the effects of the procedure will be long lasting, it’s important to know what you are getting into. Since permanent makeup is actually cosmetic tattooing, you will not need to apply make-up for a few years and can avoid a significant portion of your time when getting ready.

Safety and Care.
The process is almost the same as getting a tattoo done – where pigment is released into the skin when penetrated by a hollow needle. Which is why making sure that the aesthetician is a licensed professional is very important. Hygiene and safety are very important factors – it is crucial that equipment is properly sterilized and that the aesthetician uses sterile gloves when working on clients. The general procedure before getting any form of permanent makeup will include a patch test to ensure that there are no allergic reactions to the pigment.

What Type of Permanent Makeup Do You Want?
Would you prefer permanent eyeliner to enhance your eyes or to have a readymade look? Or maybe you want the perfect shade of lipstick that never bleeds. Do some extensive research on your areas of interest and find out about other options as well. For example, best eyeliner embroidery might look more natural that than eyeliner tattoo depending on how prominent you want your makeup to be. Don’t forget to check out salons, spas or cosmetic clinics that a produce a high success rate.

Is Permanent Make Up Right For You?
You might consider a procedure like lip embroidery or permanent eyeliner if you have a busy lifestyle. Some people also enjoy having a signature look that they would like to make permanent. But if you follow the latest trends, permanent makeup might limit you from changing your look. If you are suffering from conditions like alopecia or have over-plucked eyebrows, something like eyebrow embroidery would work for you too.

After The Procedure
At its initial stage, permanent makeup can look shiny and heavily pigmented – but the colour will fade into the natural shade within three weeks. Generally, you get to approve of the colors and makeup before going ahead with any procedure, so don’t hesitate to speak up if you are not satisfied. Touch-ups will be necessary between 4 to 6 years. Be prepared for redness and minor swelling, but avoid scrubbing the area very hard as the skin will be very tender. This also includes not picking the scabs that might form – it is better to avoid touching the area altogether.