Why Choose FDC Singapore?

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Have you often experienced a dilemma while deciding on which dentist to visit when you need a dental checkup? It is important that you choose a well-experienced surgeon who you are comfortable with in order to ensure you have a pleasant oral care experience. Here is why FDC is the right place for you.

Always Available

Tooth aches don’t arrive with a fair warning. It could appear in the middle of the night and disrupt your sleep or greet you as soon as you wake up and ruin your morning. Most clinics are open during certain hours of the day. However, the family dental implant in Singapore is open 24 hours a day to treat all your tooth and gum problems. Therefore, you have easy access to dentists regardless of the day and time. Thereby making this the most convenient and reliable option to choose in comparison to other clinics with time constraints.


Tooth and gum problems are no joke! You wouldn’t want an inexperienced pair of hands treating such a delicate issue. It is important to visit a dentist who is well-equipped to handle the problem and has sufficient experience to deal with the issue. This group of dental clinics houses a team of thirty well experienced doctors that have worked with a number of cases and hold a high success rate in resolving the oral problems of various patients. Therefore, you do not have to worry about choosing these clinics because your teeth are surely in safe hands.


Your local clinic might only be available in your vicinity, however the FDC dental group has over 20 clinics spread over a large area. Therefore, regardless of where you are and how severe your tooth pain is, you can easily access any of the branches while being assured that you receive high quality of service. Just go online and search for the nearest branch, for example: woodlands dental centre or closest FDC clinic in Rivervale.


Apart from housing excellent dentists, this company also aims to offer the best quality services at a rate that is affordable by the normal population. Surgeries are performed using the latest technology and top notch equipment in order to ensure maximum success rate and customer satisfaction. Therefore, one must acknowledge the fact that the prices are based on the quality of service that is offered. In addition, a variety of services are offered to cater to the needs of every individual.

If you have trouble choosing the right clinic for your oral problems, this clinic is a must try. Visit their website on www.fdc.sg or call on their hotline for more information.