3 Most Important Steps To Consider When Writing A Biography

If you intend to write the life story of a person’s life this is called a biography. It can be a fun and exciting challenge where you share the story of a person with a wider audience of readers. This can be done as a personal project or professionally as a writer. It is important to do thorough research, interviews and revisions before you can hand out your final copy. Given below are some steps you can take first to get started.

 Getting permission from the subject

The first step you must without a doubt take is to get the permission of the person you will be writing the life story about. Ask them if they are willing to be the subject of the story and this will certainly make your task much easier in terms of acquiring insights and information. Writing a biography is not supposed to be secretive so there is no need to hire a private detective Singapore when you can directly ask the subject for your requirement at their discretion. Besides, this will make the entire process that much more fun. Most people are willing to share their stories over a cup of coffee and in a relaxed environment so you will both feel at ease with each other’s company.

Check for primary sources of information

Primary sources of information with regard to the subject of your biography would include newspaper articles, letters, pictures, video clippings, internet, interviews or an autobiography of the subject. When you meet the subject you could ask for potential information sources as well. You will also be able to get sources from the local library or communities without having to hire the top private investigator in town. Make sure you read as many articles about the subject and highlight the important and interesting facts that you come across for reference later.

Conducting interviews

The most effective form of getting information is through interviews, not only will you get close and intimate details of the story but you would also be able to capture the emotions and expressions of the interviewee. The subject and the people close to the subject will provide the most interesting information, so check with spouses, family members, friends, business partners and so on. Interviews can be conducted personally in person or through phone or email. Make sure to visit locations of significance whenever you can as this will give you, as the writer some feel for the subject’s history and story. This can be their childhood home or any regular hangout spots with their colleagues.