Two Types Of Picture Taking Stalls To Take Pictures At

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By now, there is no person who has not heard of the picture taking stall which we get to see in most of the events these days. Though it has been there for some time, right now it is very much used by a number of event organizers to add more fun for their guests. Also, by now these pictures taking stalls have also gone through their own transformation process which has made them quite an attractive addition to have at any event.

However, you should know that by now due to the advances in the photography industry we have two types of picture taking stalls which we can use at events.

The Traditional Picture Taking Stall

The traditional picture taking stall is the one you will see at most of the events. It is the picture taking stall which offers you the chance to get pictures alone or with a group of friends posing as you want to. These days the picture taking stalls are also digitally operated ones. So, you will have the chance of using a touch screen to give the instructions about the way you want the pictures to be taken.

The Picture Taking Stall with the Green Screen

Then, we have the other kind of picture taking stall which is a Singapore photo booth that comes with a green screen. While the traditional one is going to take pictures of you with the background which actually exists at the place, this green screen picture taking stall is going to put any background you want to have in the background and take your picture. This means though you are really in a building somewhere in the city you could taking a picture in front of the Eiffel tower. This can be a really fun experience to have for anyone taking pictures in such a picture taking stall.

There is no rule which says you should choose this picture taking stall or the other. You just have to consider what will please your guests the most and what you can afford to spend for the picture taking stall. However, you need to remember you will only get complete satisfaction out of the pictures you take at the picture taking stall if it is provided to you by a good picture taking firm. They usually make sure they have the best picture taking stalls for the people who come looking for them. Also, their help throughout the process will make everyone happy. You will be able to get exactly what you want from them.