Web Design Vs Development

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These two terms can be interchangeable as “web companies” but each of these words has very different meanings, and requires two unique sets of skills. It is important you understand the difference between the two as “web companies” have becoming an industry to be in.

This article will educate you on the difference between efficient Singapore web development and why this industry is the place to be in.

 Web design

A web designer is a creative individual who has the capability of making websites as well as redesigning websites that are easy to use and that will attract consumers easily. A web designer focuses on the layouts and wireframes. The layout includes things such as the font, the colors, icons, and graphics. The designer will require both designing as well as creating the HTML and CSS for it.  Depending on what the client requires, this can include either a corporate design or an ecommerce website design.

 A web designer might find it an added advantage to have some of the skills that a web developer would usually posses these include knowing JavaScript and back-end languages such as PHP or .NET.

 How to be a web designer

It is necessary to know that a degree in this field is not an essential requirement, if you practice and learn on your own, then you should be able to take the freelance route. The only big expense you need to make is on a computer.

 Website development

A web developer requires a more intense skill set, they are responsible for programming the code that is required for the proper function of the website; it is getting the perfect balance of being not too complicated and not too easy to get advanced users to be disinterested. The web developer is in charge of the code that determines what the customers see when they browse the web site, the code that helps the mechanics of how the website works and the database technology that helps the website run smoothly.

 How to become a web developer

There is a long list of skills you need to possess to be able to be a web developer, these include great skills in coding such as HTML, HTML5,  CSS, CSS3, PHP,  JavaScript, JQuery, MySql and Ruby.

 A web designing and developing company is the place to be in because in the present day all businesses are either shifting their businesses online or starting up new businesses online, making these businesses in need of hiring a company’s that is capable of helping them create attractive websites, allowing them to market their business with ease.